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Bubble Bobble: Legacy for Windows is modern remake of old classic arcade Bubble Bobble, include best levels from original game, finall version will featured over 100 new levels not available in classic Bubble Bobble.

Download Bubble Bobble: Legacy Game

Download Bubble Bobble game remake for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

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Download Bubble Bobble for Mac 10.8 or greater

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Bubble Bobble: Legacy - a fun arcade game where you controls a brave dinosaur Bub and you mission to fight against of the evil monsters, guiding them through the maze. Catch enemies in bubbles and blow them! In the game there are bonuses; candy, crystals, fruit, vegetables, jewelry. They need to collect in order to increase the number of score points. If both burst multiple enemies get more fruit as a bonus.

Bubble Bobble Level 4 Before Start Bubble Bobble Secret Room with Diamonds Bubble Bobble Level With Water

Bubble Bobble modern remake game screenshots..

You need to kill all enemies in a given level to move to the next one. As expected, the higher the level you reach, the more challenging the game becomes. When you hit targets that give you high marks, you will progress relatively faster up the levels. Some bonuses apply immediately while others remain active for a while. The bonuses give you different abilities, including increasing the rate of firing bubbles, their speed, distance they travel, turning killed enemies into diamonds, making the dragon breath fire, earn more points per blow or jump and even killing all enemies on a map. Each enemy has unique characteristics, such as firing ability, jumping ability and speed. The monsters cause harm when they get in contact with your little brave dragon.

Bubble Bobble: Legacy gameplay video.

Bubble Bobble: Legacy Additional Screenshots

Diversity of creative game levels for unlimited fun, for all fans of classic Bubble Bobble game!

Bubble Bobble Level 14 Bubble Bobble Level Select Dialog Window Bubble Bobble Level 13

Bubble Bobble modern remake game even more screenshots!


Remember, when you complete 5 levels without lost your life - all bubbles on the end of level will be transformed to awards!

When you contact with enemy or enemy bullet you lose your life points, the longer contact - the more life points you lose.

Game Features

  • 100 Levels
  • Classic gameplay
  • Good retro gaming fun!

Bubble Bobble: Legacy BETA for Windows is modern remake of old classic arcade Bubble Bobble for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.