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From Mad Head Games, the creators of Nevertales, comes the next exhilarating legend in the Dark Realm series!

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Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames Collector's Edition Game Review

Developers of games in the genre "Hidden Object" Mad Head Games and Big Fish Games presented to the fans their new game from the so-called "Dark Realm" series. The fourth game is already waiting for you on our site SmallGames.WS and got the name Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames. And if you are interested in evaluating this wonderful part, then on our site you can download it for free.

The Kingdom of Fire lived in peace, and prosperity spread throughout his land. While the dark shadow did not loom over the kingdom, and a select few could feel it. The last known Fire Lords, Queen Valera and her aunt Lassa met to try to understand the cause of the gloomy forebodings in their hearts. But time was not on their side - a solar eclipse began. Lossa said that everything says that they have less time than she thinks and that this eclipse came from the heart of darkness itself. She and Valera are the last Fire Lords and therefore must be ready. After Lossa said that they need to go to the occuarium, which can give more answers. After they were there, Lassa said that they could use it for fortune telling, but she would need a charged Sun Symbol for this.

Auntie asked Valera to find more spheres, one of which Lassa showed to her niece. It is they who will charge it, creating a model of the solar system. And while Valera will look for them, Auntie will prepare a spell for the occuarium. While the girl was looking for spheres, the solar eclipse ended, but she felt that this was not the end, and even more terrible trials were awaiting them. But there was no time to lose, and Valera quickly found all the spheres, filled the solar system and gave strength to the symbol of the sun. Valera brought it to Lasse and she saw the future. It all began with the fact that many years ago there was a rift between their world and the Dark World. The ancient order of the Lords of Fire sealed the gap and renewed the balance. Imprisoned in the depths of the shadows, the Dark Lord developed a plan for his return. Following this plan, he will form a legion, and the most powerful of his warriors will be directed to his liberation.

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Despite the plot, the graphics turned out to be quite pleasant, full of warm tones and soft colors.


  • Protect your realm one more time in the bonus chapter
  • Enjoy beautiful locations and tons of hidden collectibles
  • Replayable Puzzles and Hidden Object scenes


A new and very exciting game Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames really will find than to surprise these gamblers. So go along with Queen Valera on a dangerous journey into the world of fire and lava and try not to burn out there.

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