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Steadily relaxing, nice and innovative about most Match-3 games.

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While preparing a curing dose for his little child, he made a mistake and curing drops rolled everywhere. Now you need your help to gather all the drops, restore the dose and cure his daughter. Comparable with classic Match 3, in this game you must gather resources and building materials, knowledge and gems, all of this you will use for building landmarks and uncover additional build areas!
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State of art graphics (probable the best visual experience comparable to other Match 3) and nice animation.

Before download and play Gummy Drop! game for Windows PC, feel free to watch sample video of - it will give an idea of the main moments of gameplay!


  • One of the most innovative Match-3-must-have game!
  • Four locations to play
  • Completely free to play Match 3!


One of the most innovative Match-3-must-have game!

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