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Lost Artifacts Collector’s Edition is a brand new time management game with interesting story line and strong gameplay. You play a role as Claire, a historian interesting in Aztec history and treasures.

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Claire worked as a historian and archaeologist at university, but now she close her course and ready for adventures! Claire's dreams to be an active historian/archaeologist now will come true.

The game features simple click controls (you even can give multiple tasks for workers - this is good) that are quite easy learn for players of most all ages. Each level offer unique objective within the time limit. These objectives not really different from other time management games and includes collection of resources, restoring of buildings, upgrading settlements and more. Lost Artifacts Collector’s Edition offer two game modes - for beginners and for experienced players.

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The game is really fast in action – you don’t need to wait 3 hours until workers move from A point to B


  • Over 40 unique levels each with unique objective
  • Discover the lost treasure of the Aztec in Lost Artifacts Collector’s Edition
  • Rebuild villages, restore buildings and collect manage resources


If you like the games like Gnomes Garden, 12 Labours of Hercules you'll surely like this one. Nice and very well made game. Not too fast and challenging so it's enjoyable relaxing. Its a best time to kill "free time" in office :) - because you can play 20-30 minutes, then stop for some time and continue any time you wish not penetrating what was in the previous level.

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