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Mysterious characters, hidden objects and uncovered mysteries of the Midnight Castle are waiting for you. Explore them all!

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In Midnight Castle, the newest social mix of hidden object and adventure games. Players are summoned to a dim and eerie castle after their uncle's strange and unexplained demise, which seems to have something to do with the castle's hidden Mystery Chamber. But one step onto the castle grounds and one interaction with the spooky cast of characters, and you'll quickly see how the game's stunning presentation and masterful exploration of the genre leave nothing dark or mysterious about its great and truly rewarding nature. Start searching magical items, collect them and solve all quests.
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Fun hidden object in-game scenes placed throughout an immersive adventure landscape.


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Takes way too long to gather needed items, unless you want to spend actual money. Doesn't seem to be a point to the game, either. Gather the items, them you are off on another search, but wait, it takes longer to recharge the places to search than it does to complete a search. Plus you keep having to go back to the one you just looked at for the next list. If there were a quicker recharge, or even a reason for all the searches that you could look forward to, besides the hints you get, might be more interesting. As it is, I play when I get bored of the other games. Not my favorite one to play, just once on a e now, not like at first, when I thought I could advance quickly. I If you get impatient you are also forced to buy more gems, in order to cont. play without getting bogged down. I would like to add that I have been playing the “free” version.

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