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On the tropical fictional island of Tui-Tui two villagers are assigned to take on the mantle of restore the island. Prepare for unforgettable time management action full of new features. Gorgeous graphics and stunning visual will not leave indifferent each player!

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Moai V: New Generation Game Review

The majority of a game of popular genres, such as Hidden Object or Time Management are more or less unlike one another. Moai 5: New Generation just a game which differs quite strongly from similar games. Story line of idle time and interesting at the same time – periodically a comet appears in the sky over the far and picturesque tropical island of Tapa-Tui. It is an occasion to hold to priests the Great Ceremony, asking from spirits of the world and prosperity. However, there was a trouble - one of priests got sick and cannot execute a ritual therefore two young members of the tribe will step forward to help, having sent the epic traveling on the island filled with new friends and new calls.There are lot of task that you are given here in New Generation but they are mostly construction-related. You have to build different buildings and gather resources.
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Fresh gameplay that takes some departures from the genre norms


  • Diversity of resources to manage, and lots of ways to manage them
  • Absolutely stunning visuals
  • Tons of tricky levels
  • Research and create new helpful power-ups


The first that distinguishes this game from others – magnificent visual effects and it is complexity of levels. But the complexity is rather a plus what minus games, perhaps, all were bothered by the simple games Time Management where it is just possible clicking without thinking about strategy.

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