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New game Nevertales 6: Forgotten Pages will send you for searches of the villain trying to ruin our wonderful world. So safely rush to fight and be afraid of nothing!

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Nevertales: Forgotten Pages Collector's Edition Game Review

In an unusual series of games in a genre "I look for continuation of improbable and fascinating adventures" from Mad Head Games developers and Big fish waits for you on our website SmallGames.WS. The game Nevertales 6 became such sequel: Forgotten Pages which is already available in the free access and which can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. I if it is possible so to speak, the journalist hardened in fights carrying investigations, but the most difficult business which I ever had got to me. It is connected to Mark Taylor, the sketchy prisoner. There is a judgement that it is armed and very dangerous. And my intuition prompts to me that it there is nothing won't stop to bail. Fortunately, I received an anonymous hint on the fact that it takes refuge in somebody publishing house where I at once also went. And though it didn't work for a long time and the building stood thrown, it seemed to me that inside there are people. And when I approached to the input door, before me the brick wall grew. I understood that it is necessary to look for other way. Or to break a wall.
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The graphics of a game seems much more pleasantly and more unusually than the previous games of a series and the plot is quite interesting and fascinating.


  • Turn back time to uncover the power that created Taleworld – and that could destroy it!
  • Download original soundtracks, concept art, wallpapers, and more!


Lately many people began to address different puzzles, tasks and logical games. To category Ya I look for (Hidden objects) carry the provided novelty. You will be able to find in it the real training of the head which will take place so interestingly and fascinatingly that you won't even note the passable time. On its our portal it is possible to download easily then to set on the PC. Enjoy yourselves!

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