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Prepare your weapons and hear the call of the gods to save the universe from ancient evil! Prepare for a journey for through over stunning scenic landscapes of fairy kingdom to face a host of enemies as you solve the mystery of a dark god's plan!

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There’s a lot of trouble in the realm of Asgard, and Viking Evarand and Boromir is the only who can make things right. Meet Viking Brothers 3 is brand new and fresh time management game set in the mythical realm of ancient lore with lots of fresh game play features. During the game you must complete a lot of different tasks – you will meet different ancient gods and goddesses, and clear paths and activate runes. All you all your efforts serve the purpose to save the kingdom from hung over it loss.

As well as it is necessary to expect from the majority of games of control of time - you have several main resources, stones, a tree, gold other. And your task, controlling workers rationally them to use. Believe, it sounds much more simply, than to execute - you should plan each your action.

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Fantastic graphics and personages animation!


  • Tons of thrilling levels
  • Different game modes to meet requirement for games of all skills
  • Downloadable concept art, and music etc
  • Collector Edition offer a bonus chapter


The 3-td Viking Brothers are very entertaining Time Management games with charming graphics and solid gameplay. You can pass the same level using different strategy (it allows you to change the level which was pleasant to you).

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