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Let us introduce to you the Puzzle Rail Rush – a railroad simulation and puzzle game, where you will feel yourself in the role of a railroad engineer! For all railroads puzzles game fans!

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Puzzle Rail Rush

The railroad is in a complete mess, and you have to fix it, but believe, it's very exciting! You need to think and focus only on moves which lead to the most effective solution (most levels have more the one solution). To construct the railway, you are given a set of railroad blocks which you have to lay down and order (according to certain rules, depending on the game mode) to complete the railway, and deliver goods and passengers from one station to another. It only depends on you whether the cargo and the passengers will arrive on schedule and most importantly safe! If you've ever dreamed about your own railroad - this game will fulfill your dream.

Puzzle Rail Rush Puzzle Mode Labyrinth Puzzle

Colorful cartoon-styled graphics and game art will not leave you indifferent! :) A great diversity of levels will prolong your enjoyment not only for one evening!

Puzzle Rail Rush video trailer, game play sample video

Puzzle Rail Rush Game Modes

With the two different modes, each with a unique goal and strategy to achieve it, Puzzle Rail Rush does feel like two games in one; Let’s take a detailed look on each game mode:

  • In Labyrinth game mode you must repair a railroad by turning and moving different rail blocks
  • Puzzle mode is similar to the old game "Fifteen", you can rotate and move to an empty position on any section of the rail

Tips and Tricks

  • You can start a train journey even before the full path will be completely repaired, and finish fixing the railway while the train will be moving to the finish!
  • The trains have their own tight schedule. The faster you repair the railroad and deliver goods and passengers to the final station, the more stars you get.

Play now by downloading Puzzle Rail Rush or get the full version for Windows or Mac ($6.99) for unlimited game play and unlocking full version features! Check Lite Freeware version of Puzzle Rail Rush Lite, and play for free, absolutely free! More screenshots click here.